Asset Recovery

Our asset recovery services are designed with one goal in mind to turn off-lease equipment ( including desktop computers, laptops, servers and networking equipment ) into revenue. We also process most other types of electronic equipment, including printers, phone systems, and copiers. All items are recycled in accordance with all local, state, provincial and federal regulations.

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Asset Tagging

We offer asset tagging with serial number capture and reporting services to help end-users track and manage their IT assets in an efficient manner. We can customize, print and apply tags to user specifications, or we can accept pre-made tags and label the equipment before it leaves our facilities. Benefits include the ability to quickly identify owned assets, efficiently track serial numbers or models, track movement of assets between locations and observe useful life/depreciation schedule of assets.

Custom Imaging

Our custom imaging service is designed to help our educational customers save time and money. We will send you a demo unit of your choice and you will create an image and send it back. Using our imaging system, we will deploy that image for multiple identical machine builds (with variances permitted for processor speed, memory size and hard drive capacity) We will then store the image on our server should you ever need to deploy it again.

Employee Purchase Plan (EPP)

We have put in place special pricing plans for organizations who want to make computers available to their employees. Current users of this program include large financial institutions, medium sized IT companies, schools, and a wide variety of other types of organizations.

To set up an employee purchase program for your staff and students, the organization sends a request by email and our EPP coordinator will contact you and provide you with the details. K12 Solutions will set up a dedicated 'portal' for your organization with a company specific order form. The organization advises its employees of the services and prices available.


Leasing allows you to acquire more with less. We can lease both new and used equipment of almost any type. You simply select the equipment and negotiate the best price - we'll take it from there and help you secure rates and terms that work for you.